I know you have questions, I get it...finding the right photographer for your wedding is a big deal, here are some FAQs but I have a lot more info, so feel free to email me using the form below and we can take it from there...

+ Do you provide every image you take of the wedding day?

No. I eliminate unwanted images, like tests shots, duplicates, and other types of images that I cannot use. Because my style for a wedding is completely natural - moments as they happen - candid shots, I can't control when or how people move, and some of these shots might come up blurry or with people crossing my frame, these shots will be deleted and only the ones that, in my opinion, are worth it will be delivered

+ how do you feel about pinterest?

I love Pinterest, I find it to be a great source of inspiration and a
great tool for wedding planing, however, I am not a photographer that loves to duplicate or copy another photographer's original idea,
sometimes brides send me a few pictures for inspiration and I have found that they wish for me to capture "moments".. I cannot replicate a mother's tear, or a flower girl making faces to the ring bearer, I tell
my brides to trust me with capturing these moments as they happen... your wedding will have a bunch of me!

+ I have a very small intimate wedding planed, Do you offer custom packages?

Of course!

I have done a couple of very small ceremonies for other couples, just
contact me with all the details and we can talk over some options.

Contact Me today

I do my best to answer inquiries within 24 hours of receiving them, if for some reason you do not hear from me during this time, please try to email me again.

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I have a lot of questions before booking, Can we chat?


I am only a phone/text away... feel free to contact me at (317) 997-7992.

Do you require a contract/retainer?

Yes, a portion of your session fee is expected along with a sign contract (all done online) in order to secure a date on my calendar, the amount varies by photoshoot.

Are you insured?

Yes, my business is insured and if your venue requires a certificate of insurance I can easily provide it.