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Carmel, Indiana family photography by Roxana Snedeker

Yikes, what a beautiful day for some fall family pictures, this weather has been messing up my schedule and this week has been nothing but working on re-scheduling my outdoor sessions.

As I look at the beautiful lighting of these final images, I am so glad that Katie and I worked together to find another date for her annual family photos, our original day was just cold and dark and super cloudy, as a photographer, my main goal is to give you the best images possible, so if that means choosing a day that works better then let it be.

Carmel Indiana Family Photography by Roxana SnedekerChildren portraits by Roxana SnedekerChildren portraits by Roxana SnedekerThis family holds a very special place in my heart, you see, the first time I took their pictures was when I did ^ this ^ little one’s newborn pictures and look at her now, she comes back every year with her parents and she is also a big sister to a beautiful and adventurous toddler 🙂

Ring of fireFamily portraits in Carmel, IndianaCarmel Indiana Family Photography by Roxana SnedekerChildren portraits by Roxana SnedekerFamily portraits in Carmel, IndianaThese lollipops were a HIT! Sometimes, my biggest tool for helping my sessions have nothing to do with photo gear #ThisIsHowIDoIt

Family portraits in Carmel, Indiana

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