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“My mama always said, life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you are gonna get”

Forrest Gump

Roxana Snedeker Newborn & Wedding Photography Indianapolis, Indiana

@Megan Burris Photography

Hi, my name is Roxana Snedeker and I am so glad you made it all the way here 🙂

well, this is me… As you can see I have 2 crazy-energetic kids, they are my most precious treasures… I met their hot-looking dad 15 years ago and I knew right away I wanted to spend the rest of my days with him by my side, our life is so glamorous that our date nights now a days include staying home in comfy clothes and a movie, we might get a little crazy and add some wine to that mix 🙂

Newborn & Wedding Photography was not always something I pursued, in fact, I purchased my first camera right when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby… a few years later and this has become a huge part in my life; don’t be surprise if you call me and I am in the middle of trying to get rid of melted crayons or cleaning my living room from all those missing legos.

If you were to ask me about my favorite subject to photograph, I would say it’s a tie between newborns and weddings… I know!! right?! Each one represents something unique, pure and the beginning of something so beautiful.

@Megan Burris Photography

@Megan Burris Photography


I don’t know where this will take me, but I am for sure enjoying the ride.



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